VO Story

Since 1995, Varsity Originals, LLC. has provided the finest top quality MADE IN USA custom personalized chenille patches.

With over 25 years it is safe to say that Varsity Originals is more than just a patch company. 

Varsity Originals is an exclusive brand that is dedicated to crafting top quality chenille custom made patches and lettering.

We offer the world's largest selection of in-stock ‘ready-to-ship’ patches for individuals and schools and businesses.

Varsity Originals team of highly dedicated individuals take pride in being the leading provider of traditional in-stock ready-to-ship chenille patches worldwide.

Every patch we make goes through our stringent quality control departments, assuring that our chenille patches will always surpass your expectations.

Since our inception, Varsity Originals, LLC. has remained focused on total customer satisfaction.

We're shoppers too and dedicated to delivering our customers the kind of shopping experience we expect fro ourselves.

At Varsity Originals we believe everyone is an individual and know that the personalized quality we are known for can be seen in all of our work.

Our team is committed to your satisfaction, no matter how small or large the order.

"Exceeding your expectations is our mission and ultimate goal."